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This Millefiori, crystal and silver bracelet was comissioned by a sargeant in the army for his fiancee who is a presenter for African television. I am told that it has hardly been taken off and has been seen regularly on air! He had since bought a pair of earrings to match the bracelet for her.
Milliefiore Bracelet - wearer
Frozen In Time- wearer

Anita doesn't buy jewellery, full stop! She came to the first craft fair that I was at after all the lockdowns and spent a long time looking at the "Frozen in Time" collection which is a very limited edition. She decided that she just had to buy this item, put it on and wore it to go home. She later Emailed me saying how much she had fallen in love with the new addition to her jewellery box.
Amy found a bag of beads in her grandmother's sewing box. She liked them but didn't know how to make a necklace from them. I showed her some ideas and this is the end result. She says it looks great worn with a black polo neck jumper. When something is made from odds and ends it is called an "end of day"piece, relating back to the glass industry when left over glass was made into all sort of things including door-stops.
Bits & Pieces Necklace

A friend asked me to paint a portrait of a much loved cat, Polly. I paint all kinds of animals, domestic, farm, and wild to commission and each animal within these categories needs a different approach. Polly loves sunbathing and the end result shows her nestling in the coltsfoot. She was a joy to paint.
Polly Cat

Herdwick Harry, more commonly known as Rambo is one of Jim's favourite rams. Unlike most of the cows I've painted who like being petted, Rambo's favourite form of play is to run behind you and butt you in the back of the legs, so he was painted on the other side of the fence. Jim now has Rambo's portrait in his office.

Philippa was given a very long  string of turquoise, lapis and pearl by a very good friend. It was far too heavy to wear. She kept it and her next door neighbour told her about me. We had a great time and she ended up with three necklaces made from her long strand with a few little additions
3 out of 1 Necklace!
Sugar Tongs Bracelet

Jane's mum was decluttering and unearthed some family silver to give to her. Jane didn't want to use the items but as they had a lot of memories for her, she didn't want to sell them for scrap. She now has this beautiful Georgian silver sugar tong bracelet. Her mother was so impressed with it that she also commissioned two silver fork torc bracelets and four silver spoon rings for other members of the family - both male and female!
Heirloom Earring Necklace

Johnnie came to me with a single earring. The pair to it had been lost a long time ago but his wife cherished the one remaining as it had been her mothers'. We agreed on a design and Carmen was given the necklace on their wedding anniversary. She has already made arrangements for it to pass down to her eldest granddaughter

This spoon ring was comissioned after I'd finished the sugar tong bangle, for a member of the same family. He loves wearing it!
Wrapped Spoon Ring
Fork Bangle

Rob sent me this photo of the Fork Torc comissioned by his grandmother who had several spoon rings and Fork Torcs made for members of her family. He commented  on how comfortable it was to wear and how unusual it was. !It's not everyday you can go out wearing a part of your family history" he said.
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